{House} Rogue Box

I love shoes.  I also have a lot of shoes.  Neither of these things would surprise anyone that knows me.  So it’s probably not surprising that one of the first things I did as I was unpacking was hang my over-the-door shoe rack.  Once it was full of shoes, I made the unfortunate discovery that the door wouldn’t close–there was a rogue box in the way!


It didn’t appear to have a use anymore, but just to be sure, I asked the superintendent for my building about it.  He said it’s very old, and I could easily remove it myself.  So that became the very first homeowner’s project I did in my new apartment!

The inside of the box showed its age.


I had to clip a few external wires (going to another box on the outside of the closet I’ll deal with later), and then I just had to unscrew the screws in each corner.  One screw was a toggle screw, so that required some heavy yanking, but I’ve bought it so I can break it!

And ta-da!


No more box, and now a closet door that can close!


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