{Home} Hanging Around

I love the way curtains can turn a plain room into something special, so it was high on my list to hang some curtains in my new apartment.  (Don’t mind all the excess stuff hanging on the window–it’ll all be taken down at some point.)


After looking around online, I decided on this curtain rod and rings from Bed Bath & Beyond (of course I used a 20% coupon :)).  Like the reviews mentioned, the brass coloring on the rod and rings were pretty varied.  I had to dig around and go to a second store to find rings in the same tone as the rod.  The 66-120″ length comes in three pieces and with end caps, and the color isn’t consistent between them.  It’s not quite so noticeable, but if it bothers me down the road, it’ll be easy enough to spray paint a uniform color.

teal aqua curtains brass gold curtain rod

Done!  It was a bit difficult to install by myself into plaster with only an 18″ stool (I’m 5’2″ and the ceiling is almost 9′ tall), but I was determined!  It adds so much color and personality to the room already.

The curtains were used in my last apartment, which were purchased here over two years ago.  A few of the panels in direct sunlight had faded, but I used two where the fading was minimal and not noticeable.


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