{House} Being an Adult

I hosted a housewarming party for myself a few weeks after moving in.  I love to bake, so it’s no surprise that I wanted to make my signature dish: brownies.

On the walk thru before closing, we tested the outlets and burners, but I suppose we weren’t in the apartment long enough to try the oven or smell the faint whiff of gas.


Fast forward a few weeks, and I turn on the oven to bake the brownies, only to find that it isn’t getting hot.  A quick peek in the broiler drawer below the oven reveals the lack of a pilot light as the cause.  (The white stuff is just residue which was easily scraped off.)


It took an extended lighter and some courage, but I got the pilot light lit!


However, the oven still wasn’t working properly.  And that’s when the perk of having a live-in super in your building pays off!  He took a look the next afternoon and got it to work by manually lighting the gas radiating from the spreader bar (that thing going to the upper right corner of the pictures).  Though he did caution me that’s just a temporary fix and the oven should be replaced soon.

Which I’ve already been thinking about… 🙂


2 thoughts on “{House} Being an Adult”

  1. I have long Match sticks which are better than extended lighters…I don’t remember where Ibought them…groceries or hardware stores may carry them. can the pilot light be turned off and just light the oven with the long matchsticks? good luck love, grandma

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