{Home} One Man’s Trash…

It’s a thing in New York to take something left on the side of the street if it interests you.  There have been a few times where something has caught my eye, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually acted on it.

I was out shopping and thru all the discarded Christmas trees, I saw someone had thrown out two large fake trees (and a few other smaller fake plants).  I’d been looking for a fake plant for awhile, having sworn off live plants when I moved to New York, but they’re kind of expensive!

(This is where there’d be a picture of the trees among the trash bags and other stuff, but I didn’t take a picture of that–sorry!)

Initially, I kept walking to finish my shopping, but also because literally taking someone’s trash on a very public street is weird and awkward!  With some support from my brother (via text), I decided to head back and take a second look.

There were two similar tall trees, and I tried to quickly choose which one I thought was better while a man on the next stoop watched.  Then I just grabbed one and started walking!

Of course, if it’s not captured in a Snapchat selfie, it didn’t happen 😉


For the final act of my craziness, I carried the plant 15 blocks to my apartment on a very windy night.  The doorman laughed at me when I came in: “It’s bigger than you!”


A few sprays of Lysol to clean it up, and it was ready to move in.  I’ll probably continue to play with the leaves to spread them out a bit (they have wires in them, so they’re easily malleable), but I’m already loving how much warmth it brings to an otherwise awkward and empty corner.


One man’s trash really is another man’s treasure!  (And there are free things in New York!)


2 thoughts on “{Home} One Man’s Trash…”

  1. A Norfolk pine tree makes a plant that survives easily in an apartment. My mother was given a small one around 1993 , I still have it. It does well without sunlight and very little attention…lonly a cup or so of water a week. It is now a huge plant

    love and good luck, Granma…which brother did you email about it with?

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