{Home} A Step in the Right Direction

The kitchen sink cabinet is much larger than the sink cabinet in my last apartment.  During the move and unpacking, it kind of became a catchall for random kitchen stuff, which would promptly fall out anytime the cabinet was opened.


I knew I needed some sort of shelves and drawers to make it a little more organized and useful.  Enter this cabinet organizer from Target.

img_7241When it arrived I couldn’t wait to put it together!  There were some basic instructions, but it wasn’t any harder to assemble than Ikea furniture.


Then it was time to put it into the cabinet and make things slightly more organized.


Martha Stewart would probably still scoff at it, but I’ll take any small victory I can get!


One thought on “{Home} A Step in the Right Direction”

  1. very nice..I tend to use boxes from clemintines…they used to be wooden…probably not available now…if they are, they are cardboard..genie

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