{House} I. Do Not. Give Up.

My mother can tell you a lot of stories about how growing up I was would do something over and over and over until I was successful.  As an adult, I’m not sure if that’s because I’m determined or just stubborn.  Either way, this felt like one of those stories…

I’d been wanting to install the shelving unit I bought for my closet, and I finally found the time to do it.  First I had to move my DIY clothing rack (which still doesn’t have a base and wheels).


I measured where I’d like my shelving supports to go and got to work.  I had these toggle bolts (purchased like everything else at the going-out-of-business sale).


Note: if you’re going to do this yourself, please buy these anchors instead.  They’re much easier to work with!

The back of the package said how big the hole needed to be.


A half inch?!  I have a set of drill bits, but the largest I had was 1/4″.  I tried using it anyway, and then making the hole wider by moving it around, but I wasn’t successful enough to fit the toggle thru the hole.  Off to a new hardware store that’s still in business, and I came home with this.


Except that it was too thick to fit into my drill!  Not wanting to give up yet, I held it in my hands and manually widened the existing hole.  It worked!  It also cut my hands–who knew that drill bits were sharp!  LOL

Using that process–and a pair of heavy duty gloves–I was able to get the four holes drilled.


These toggle bolts require that the screw and toggle bolt are on the piece being screwed to the wall before they’re inserted.  This was the easiest part so far.


But of course it couldn’t be that easy!  Given that the walls are plaster, the two inch screws I had weren’t long enough to get the toggle all the way behind the wall.  Back to the hardware store I went!

Yes, they remembered me from just a few hours ago, but they were helpful and I walked out with these three inch screws.


It worked!  I needed to tug on the screw a bit so the toggle would catch on the wall and the screw would tighten.  It took a little finesse, but I was persevered.  I used the level again to make sure the support was straight and then tightened all the screws.


Ta da!  One perfectly hung support!


Then it was time for the other side.  I had researched this kind of shelving unit, and the best tip I read was to add a set of brackets and a shelf to hang the second side.  This ensures that the holes line up perfectly so that the shelves are level.


There aren’t any pictures of that process, as I’m only a woman with two hands, but I marked a few spots on the wall for where the second rail should be installed.  And since the co-op has rules about when you can make construction noise, I had to stop there for the evening.

Time to rest up so I’m ready to tackle the second side and then fill the shelves!


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