{House} It’s Getting Hot in Here

So hot!

So open the window.

It is getting so hot,

Please open the window!  Oh!

Obnoxious title and opening courtesy of this song, and the infamous NYC apartment super-hot radiators.  This apartment runs very warm, and I’ve had to open the window a few times, because it had gotten too hot for me.

The radiators in my last apartment weren’t that hot, but then again, only one of them was on.  My current apartment has two radiators: this one under the living room window, and another under the kitchen window (which is currently turned off).

Whenever the heat would turn on, there would be a loud hissing noise for minutes on end, as the cold–and then hot–air escaped thru the radiator valve.  The valve is meant to allow the cold air in the radiator to escape as the hot air comes in, but the hot air should not be escaping.  Knowing this apartment, it was obvious that the valve needed to be replaced, and I finally had enough to venture behind the radiator cover.

First up was to turn the radiator off.  There’s a door at the bottom and I reached my hand in to turn the knob.  (Yup, there’s a lot of gross stuff down there.  I prefer to remain oblivious to it.)

Then, like everything else in this apartment, I had to cut the paint so I could remove the cover.

It still seemed stuck, so I used the back of a hammer to lift and pull the cover away.

Yikes–that’s rough!

But I found 50 cents!  Only need 975816423 more quarters before my mortgage will be paid off 🙂  (I’m not sure what the farthest right circle is; if it’s a coin, it’s hard to tell!)

Here’s the close up of the valve.  Completely useless.

I went to a local hardware store, where the guy pointed me in the right direction to a new valve.  $35 later, and I had a shiny new one!

It was very easy to unscrew and replace the old valve.

Finally, the radiator is much quieter!  And hopefully my apartment will be slightly less warm.


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