{House} Screw Driver Attack is a Success!

I mentioned when I was hanging the curtains, that the extra stuff on the windows was going to go.  So I finally broke out the screw driver and attacked something other than a door knob.

I started out with the hinges at the bottom of the windows.  They needed some prying to open up.

The screws came out easily, and then it just needed some pulling to get it to separate from the window frame and the paint on the moulding.

Then I moved onto some brackets on the sides of the windows and small curtain hooks at the top of the windows.  I was too excited to take pictures of them though…oops…

There was a wood support in the middle of the window, presumably for an air conditioner.  The support was held up with a few layers of paint and two metal brackets.  The top bracket was easy to remove, but a few screws at the bottom put up a fight.

The bottom screw needed to have the paint chipped away before it would come loose.

I thought that the addition of the metal piece meant that the screw next to it wasn’t in the frame, but I was wrong.

I wasn’t having much luck with the screwdriver, so I rotated the wood around a few times, and then pulled until it came free.

The resulting pile of screws and metal pieces only proved my victory!

It felt so great to remove so many screws without much effort!  That door knob had really dented my self esteem.

The pieces were small, but I think it had a big impact on making the window look better.

I had gotten so excited that I didn’t completely remove a small piece of metal on the left side before I took this picture.  Rest assured, it’s gone now!

Hopefully the fire escape gate is just as easy to remove, because I’m coming for ya!


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