{Hannah} Playbill Binder

Living in NYC means having access to some of the best theater in the world.  I made it a goal this year to see more shows, and I’ve been making good on that promise!  In fact, in just over one week I saw four shows!  Granted, the first was with a synagogue group and two were with my mom while she was visiting, but it still counts.

I’ve kept all the Playbills and most of the tickets, but they managed to find homes in various parts of my apartment. With all the show-seeing I’m doing, it felt like time for a better solution than mixed in with the piles of mail and magazines.

It occurred to me that they might fit into the small size binder like my race bibs.  And I was right!

playbill play bill binder book keepsake keep sake broadway show shows musical musicals play plays album

As I was putting this together, I realized I’m missing at least three Playbills. Hopefully this keepsake binder will prevent further books from going MIA. Now I just need more clear sleeves and binders!


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