{Hannah} Europe Trip 2017: Venice

We actually spent two nights in Venice, though they weren’t contiguous. The first was the night before the cruise, which we spent on the island of Lido.

Sunset as seen from the boat to Lido

That morning we walked along the main road on Lido and spent some time chilling on the beach. The water was the perfect temperature! Of course, we had pizza for lunch.

The canals in Lido were so beautiful

We took a vaporetto (the public boats in Venice) up the Grand Canal to the cruise terminal. We got an awesome view of the Rialto Bridge as we approached and went under it.

rialto bridge venice italy

When we returned from the cruise, we stayed on the actual island of Venice. Venice has a biannual art show called the Biennale, where various countries have an artist represent them. It’s all modern art, but some exhibits were more interesting than others.

This art piece was like being in a tree fort

We spent the rest of the day wandering around the narrow streets, enjoying the canals…

…and taking in the sights like Piazza San Marco, the Doge’s Palace, and the shopping on the Rialto Bridge.

Because we were in Italy, we managed to eat pizza for both lunch and dinner, and have gelato three times!

It was a short amount of time in Venice, but we felt like it was enough to see the whole island (though there’s of course more we could have done). The next day my friend flew back to the States, and I was on my way to Berlin!


{House} Caulk Blocking

After the incident, I asked the super for suggestions to prevent a reoccurrence. He suggested filling all the holes and gaps in the bathroom. I asked about using caulk, and he said that should work. So off to Lowe’s I went!

I got the fancy caulk gun that has a built in cut hole and spike (technical terms), and assembled them together.

There weren’t many places in the bathroom that I felt that a large bug could sneak through, but I started in this corner where a wall tile had fallen.

Globs of caulk later (and with the help of a few fingers), I felt confident that this corner has been plugged.

I then turned my attention to the built-in laundry hamper.

It seemed like there were some gaps between it and the wall, so it got a border of caulk.

I got carried away with my new-found power, and caulked a little section of the shower.

Not the prettiest job (and the old caulk should really be removed), but an improvement.

Now just have to hope it keeps the creepy crawlies away!

PS. Thanks to my friend for the post title!

{Hannah} Europe Trip 2017: Cruise to Greece

Our cruise left from Venice in the evening (more on Venice later). We boarded the boat in the afternoon, and were pleasantly surprised to see we were upgraded to a room with a balcony! The first night on the boat was spent eating and exploring.

Our first stop was Trieste, Italy. We docked earlier than the shops and sights opened, so I explored the town before getting on a city bus to the Miramare castle. It was beautiful and had a wonderful garden to wander around.

View of Miramare castle from the boat

As we were leaving the port, it started to rain. But that was ok, because we were rewarded with a beautiful double rainbow!

We sailed until the following afternoon when we arrived in Corfu, Greece. It was a quaint old town. We tried to see the New Fort, but it was closed for the day. Instead we saw the Old Fortress, and then walked around the bay to an old church and some ancient ruins.

Corfu as seen from the boat

The next morning we arrived in Katakolon. It’s a small fishing town, but it’s the closest port to Olympia. I took a tour to the ruins and museum at Olympia. It was very interesting, but the tour I was on was rushed and we didn’t have much time to explore and really soak it in. We arrived back at the boat with almost two hours left in port, so I went for a run down the beach.

Katakolon and the cruise boat from down the beach

Then it was time for a full day in Mykonos! I walked through all the little streets and up the hills and stairs of the old town in the morning. Then we headed to the beach in the afternoon. The water was so clear and a perfect temperature for swimming.

Mykonos is famous for their windmills

After so many exciting stops, we had a relaxing day at sea, where we slept in, ate a lot, and hung out on our balcony.

cruise costa luminosa ocean deck

Our final stop was in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was another cute little town. We walked around the city walls, and then took the cable car up Mount Srd. There was heavy fog at the top, so we didn’t get the beautiful views of the old town that people talk about.

Dubrovnik from the city wall

We had one last afternoon and night on the boat before returning to Venice. It was so much fun to explore so many new places in such a short amount of time! But the trip wasn’t over quite yet…

{House} When Bad Things Happen to Good People

I don’t like bugs in my apartment. Not sure if anyone does, but it seems to freak me out more than it affects other people. Plus, I have the added difficulty that I refuse to kill bugs, which means I have to implement a “catch and release” program.

So it was very unfortunate when I was going to the bathroom late last night, and I saw a waterbug (commonly mistaken for a large roach, but a big gross bug is still a big gross bug in my book). I thought I could trap it in the bathroom, but a few minutes later I saw it wandering out into the middle of my living room. No way, Jose!

It took two attempts, but I was able to trap it under a plastic cup, with a half full (I’m optimistic) water bottle on top to weigh the cup down so it wouldn’t move.

The worst part is that the building’s exterminator comes into my apartment once a month to spray to prevent things like this from happening!

I texted the super about it this morning. Luckily, he’s nice and likes me, and he took care of it!

{Hannah} Europe Trip 2017: Paris

I arrived in Paris late Tuesday night and went straight to the hostel. Wednesday morning I was up bright and early, and took a walk down Avenue des Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Troiumphe.

I walked up all the steps and had a wonderful view of the city. Afterwards I walked through the Trocadéro and over the river to see the Eiffel Tour up close.

Eiffel tower paris france

I took the stairs up to the first two observation decks, and got to see Paris from another angle. It was time for a snack, so I walked to Rue Cler and got a Nutella crepe from a vendor on the quiet market street.

I continued on to the military museum in the Hotel des Invalides, and managed to spend over four hours there!  It was getting late, so I walked back across the Seine via the Pont Alexandre bridge, and onto Avenue Montaigne and Rue du Faubourg St Honore–both of which are filled with high end fashion stores. I picked up my first Parisian macroons from Laduree, and enjoyed them in the Palais Royal gardens.

The next morning I went to Ile de Cite. I saw the magnificent Sainte-Chapelle church, to which these beautiful stained glass windows belong.

I visted the Conciergerie (an old building that was once a jail where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned), the Palais de Justice, and the Cour du Mai. I visited the Crypte Archeologique and saw ancient ruins that are buried beneath Paris. Then I went into the Notre-Dame, and waited an hour to climb up into the towers.

The last stop of the day was the Panthéon, where I made a friend in the crypt. We split a large sandwich from a small shop and enjoyed it at the fountain in Jardin du Luxembourg.

We tried to see the Catacombs and the views of Paris from Montparnasse, but the timing wasn’t on our side. I finished the night with a walk through Isle Sainte-Louis and a stop for ice cream.

For my last day in Paris, I started with a run up to the Sacré-Coeur to get one last view of the city.

Then it was onto the Louvre!

Even though I had almost five hours to spend in the museum, it wasn’t enough time! But I had to leave to catch my flight to Venice.