{Hannah} Europe Trip 2017: London

My Europe trip began in London, with my flight landing around 7 am on Sunday.  It took some time to get through customs and make my way to my hostel (SoHostel, which was great) via the Tube.

Once I dropped off my bag and changed, I headed to Tower of London to take in the old fortress, and see the crown jewels.  They had free tours, so I joined one to get a little more history of the place.

After a few hours exploring the Tower of London, I made my way across the Tower Bridge.  I walked along the River Thames, passing Borough Market, Shakespeare’s Globe, and Tate Modern along the way.

I stopped at the Anchor at Bankside for my very first fish and chips!  I’m a vegetarian, so I was very excited to see that they had a vegetarian “fish” made out of cheese.

I continued down the river, where I went for a spin on the London Eye.

After the ride, I walked back across the river and past the Parliament Building and Big Ben.

london england uk united kingdom britain big ben parliment london eye

Monday morning I took the Tube to Westminster Abbey, and enjoyed the audio tour they provided.  I made it to Buckingham Palace in time to see the end of the Changing of the Guard.  I stopped into the Queens Gallery where they were exhibiting paintings on Venice–a later stop on my trip!  I toured the Royal Mews, before going on the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk.  It’s seven miles through some of the most famous parks in London, marked by these medallions.

I took a detour off the path to get lunch at Paxton’s Head (which is actually part of the same pub group as the Anchor) and to see Harrods department store.

I finished the walk just in time to make it to a pub crawl.  It ended up being more of a bar crawl, but I made a friend, and we ended up hanging out in Trafalgar Square late into the night.

My last day in London was Tuesday, and I took the opportunity to go for a run up Primrose Hill in Regent’s Park and take in the views of London.

Afterwards, I packed up and headed to the British Museum.  I spent a few hours at the museum, and I’m sure I could’ve spent more time there.  For lunch, I went to the only vegetarian and vegan pub in London!  It’s called Norman’s Coach and Horses, and I loved the Shepard’s pie, though their whole menu looked good.

With an extra hour, I wandered through the National Portrait Gallery before heading to the train station to catch the EuroStar train to Paris!


{Hannah} Guess Who’s Back?

Back again!  Hannah’s back!  Tell a friend!

Where am I back from?  An epic trip to Europe!

I started out in London…

london england uk united kingdom britain big ben parliment london eye

…then went to Paris…

Eiffel tower paris france

…took a cruise with a friend…

cruise costa luminosa ocean deck

…to Greece…

mykonos greece sea

…spent a day in Venice…

rialto bridge venice italy

…and visited another friend in Berlin!

berlin germany holocaust memorial

I had a blast exploring Europe, and there’s so much to tell!  In the meantime, I just wanted to stop in, and say “Welcome Back!”

PS. Post opening from this song.