{Home} Stripping

Since I bought my dresser off Craigslist a few years ago, I’ve known I wanted to strip the paint off it. It’s a weird greenish color that doesn’t really go with the rest of my apartment. I’d love to expose the wood beneath it, which led me to stripping!

I did some research and came across a greener paint stripper that is also safe for indoor use! Which is great for me, since moving my dresser outside isn’t exactly practical. In addition to the stripper, I also needed mineral spirits for cleaning up the wood afterwards, plus a cheap brush to apply the stripper. I already have a metal scraper, some fine steel wool, and toothpicks for getting into the details of the dresser. To help the stripper stay moist and aid in clean up, I have a lot of garbage bags to use as wrapping and to cover my floor.

An online search for nearby retailers sent me to Home Depot. When the check-out guy asked me what I was doing with the stuff I was purchasing, I responded, “Stripping!”  He was taken aback, since he had really asked me what I was up to the rest of the night.  Oops! Stripping wasn’t on the agenda for that night, but it’s what I’ll be up to this weekend!


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