{Home} Nice Legs! Show Me Your Drawers

After my muscles had some rest from scrubbing the dresser frame, it was time to finish off the legs and drawers.

I applied more stripper to the legs, and let that sit for a bit.

Then I had to contort myself around on the ground to get at all the nooks and crannies in the legs, but they turned out beautifully.

Cleaning up the drawers was easier, since they are mostly flat and smooth, and could be moved around.

Once I was satisfied with all the stripping, it was time to finish things up with some mineral spirits (a safe for indoor use with no VOC fumes formula).  I also picked up a bag of rags to use.

I wiped down the whole dresser, and it picked up a lot of dust and some paint and stripper that was left behind.

However, some parts of the drawers still looked bad, so I used some steel wool dipped in the mineral spirits to scrub off the rest of the grime.

Now it’s time to finish it off with some oil and wax!


4 thoughts on “{Home} Nice Legs! Show Me Your Drawers”

  1. OMG! Who knew there existed under all of that paint a beautiful piece of furniture! Is it an actual antique? Any idea how old it is?

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