{House} Giving the Tiger Stripes

I’ve known for awhile that I wanted to do something with paint to make the entry way feel special. It’s too narrow to hang art, but it was feeling kinda boring just being solid painted wall. I loved the idea of a stencil, but the space is small, and a stencil could be too busy. Enter: tonal stripes!

I measured the wall from moulding to moulding, which is 96 inches.  I wanted the top and bottom stripes to be the base color.  If I did four tonal stripes, then each stripe is about 10 5/8 inches (96/(4+5) = 10.667).  I cut some painters tape to envision it, but I didn’t like it.

So then I did the same calculation for five tonal stripes, which means each stripe is about 8 3/4 inches (96/(5+6) = 8.72).  I loved the way it looked!

Four tonal stripes are marked on the left, with five tonal stripes on the right.

Ideally, I didn’t want the tonal stripe to be where the arch between the dining area and entryway is, and I didn’t want to have to rehang the mirror.  Luckily, doing five tonal stripes fits this criteria!

Next up was finding a paint.  I had picked up a metallic paint brochure from the paint store when I was looking at paint samples for my apartment, and thought I had found the perfect paint.  I was wrong, so that paint went back to the store (it’s an off-the-shelf color).

I made my way to Michaels craft store and came back with this bounty.

I smeared some on the wall to see how it played with the wall color and lighting.  The first smear is the aforementioned paint that was already returned.

I also paid attention to how shiny the paint was.  I wanted something with a little shine, but not too much.  I believe the walls of my apartment were originally semi-gloss, and given that they aren’t smooth, the shinier the paint, the more the imperfections are called out.

So which did I go with?

Premium Matte Metallic Acrylic Paint By Craft Smart in Pearl! It’s the third one from the left in the paint line up, and the fourth smear from the left on the wall.  I liked the color the best, and I also liked that it had a glow to it, instead of a bright shine.

Yes, it seems a little strange to buy wall paint by the 2 oz bottle, but cost-wise, it’s cheaper per ounce than the larger bottle of metallic paint from the paint store.  Plus, Michaels always has coupons, which reduces the cost even more.

Now I just have to hope Michaels doesn’t think it’s weird that I’m ordering a million bottles of the stuff!


{Hannah} The Other Shoe

It’s probably only a matter of time before this blog gets renamed to “House Home Hannah and Heels”, because I spend an awful lot of time talking about shoes! So much so, that I finally gave in and created a “Shoes” category for posts.

Anyway, it was only a few wears after I fixed the right shoe, that the left heel started feeling loose. At least I knew what to do this time!

Sure enough, there was a broken screw in this heel, too! Now it has me wondering if the issue isn’t the shoes, but me…

I scraped away at the plastic like my brother had done, and tried to grip the exposed screw with needle nose pliers. I kept trying with the pliers sticking up, but then realized it was much easier to grip the screw with the pliers sideways.

Hard part over!

I bought a few new screws at my local hardware store. The two new screws are on the left, compared to the original on the right.

Then I spread lots of Shoe Goo onto the shoe…

…and held the heel firmly in place while I screwed in the three screws.

Ta da!

Not just one, but two fixed shoes!

{Hannah} Happy Thanksgiving

I’m home for Thanksgiving, so there won’t be any new posts this week.  I wanted to take the time, though, to say thank you for reading my blog!  It means so much to me that you check in on my latest adventure, and you give great advice and encouragement when I need it most.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday as well, and I’ll see you all next week!

{Home} Clean Up Clean Up

Everybody, everywhere!

Or just me, and just in my apartment. Because I made a big mess while stripping and refinishing the dresser.

The bags were easily picked up and disposed of.  However, underneath the bags, there was some damage to the polyurethane coating on the floor.

It was kinda rough, so I scraped at it to remove the bubbled parts of the coating.

Lesson learned: I should’ve been more careful with the stripper.

There were also some places where it looked like some stripped paint had adhered to the floor.

Those were also scraped up.

Another lesson learned: I should’ve taken more care to protect the floors.

The floors are generally in decent condition–the wood itself is nice enough to keep, but it needed to be refinished anyway.  Since I have a small apartment, I decided when I moved in that I would refinish the floors when I move out.  Luckily there isn’t too much damage to the floors, and it’s only on the coating, so it should be ok until that day comes.

PS. You’re never too old to listen and sing Barney songs.

{Home} Transformation Almost-Tuesday

Shortly after I started refinishing my dresser, I was going through the pictures on my phone, and I couldn’t believe that my dresser used to be painted! Despite the fact that I had lived with it painted for almost three years, I was already so used to seeing it without the paint.

But now it’s all wood and shiny and beautiful!

The light-colored wood has this really great grain to it, which almost seems like a tiger eye.

I don’t think I would’ve bought this dresser a few years ago if it looked like this, but I’m so glad I did! It’s truly a one-of-a-kind piece, and I’m so proud of myself for taking the time and energy to restore it to its former glory.

Also, there were some letters engraved into the hardware.

A quick google searched turned up quite a few results! Turns out those letters (G343 KBC) is from Keeler Brass Co.  I found their catalog via the Smithsonian Museum archives which has this hardware on page 62.  I messaged the company to ask when they manufactured this style, to get a better idea of the age of the dresser, but they never responded.

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Onto the next project!