{Home} It’s Finished

There was a brief moment of good weather on Saturday morning, and I was able to sneek in some spray painting for my earring holder! No, the Cheerio logo wasn’t meant to be part of the final design.

I knew that I’d eventually spray paint something, so I had saved a large piece of cardboard from my mirror and a box from a package that had arrived recently. My building has a courtyard area out back, which seemed like the perfect spot to do some sneaky spray painting.

I lightly sanded the frame, and I used a can of gold spray paint I had bought when I considered spraying the laundry hamper (which I still might do, but not today).

I finished just in time too! While The Weather Channel said it wouldn’t start raining until the afternoon, some drops starting falling right as I was finishing up! I quickly grabbed everything and ran inside, where I left the frame to fully dry on the floor of my apartment.

To hang it, I used some 3M Command Strips. After holding it up to the closet door, I realized that the frame’s original hangers stuck out too far. A few quick turns of a screw driver, and they were gone.

Then I balanced the level, and pushed to secure it to the door!

I’m a little unsure if it’s on there well enough, though. The box strips across the back prevent the 3M strips from making full contact with the door, and things probably aren’t smooth and plumb to begin with. But that didn’t stop me from hanging a few earrings on it!

diy make your own earring holder jewelry display wall hanging door frame picture

I think I’ll fill the rest of the door up with some necklaces and other jewelry!

PS. I updated my post from last week–I had forgotten that I bought an art print when I was in Cayman! I ended up replacing the Cayman sunset picture with the print.


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