{Home} The Longest Project

When I was moving to New York, I wanted a more collected look for my apartment. I picked out these bentwood back chairs on eBay, and coincidentally was in the city where they were located to pick them up. I brought them home, where I spray painted them red, and replaced and upholstered the seat in a coordinating fabric.

However, the seat circles weren’t perfectly round, so they didn’t fit snugly into the chair, which meant I never attached them together. To solve both issues, I bought some cording at Joann Fabrics (which involved multiple trips to multiple stores).

But some four years later, I finally completed the project! I bought a glue gun from Home Depot (thanks to a friend for the gift card!), which indicated it could be used for fabric and wood.

It took a little finesse to attach the cording, but I got it to stick.

Then, I had to act quickly to glue all the way around and squish the seat cushion to the chair.

I repeated the process on the second chair.

I’ve even already used one chair, and it held up! Technically, this project isn’t over yet, as the seat for the third chair is broken. So I need to cut a new circle and upholster that one before I can use the remaining cording to finally have a complete and matching set of chairs.


2 thoughts on “{Home} The Longest Project”

  1. P.S. Your mother and I have quilting projects that are wwwwaaaaayyyyy older than four years! 🙄

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