{House} Kitchen Inspiration

When I moved into my apartment over a year and a half ago, I knew I’d renovate the kitchen (and bathroom).  The new layout would be pretty straight forward, as I can’t change the location of the sink or range.  But the aesthetic took a little longer for me to develop.

I’ve always liked the look of white kitchens, as they’re timeless and versatile.  Since this is a starter apartment with (by some standards) a small kitchen, I decided to go with white high gloss cabinets to help bounce light around.

At some point, I stumbled upon an NYC coop kitchen renovation that also used Ikea’s high gloss white cabinets!

Photo by Pablo Enriquez

I liked the clean and modern look of her kitchen, though I’m not fond of some of the details. I then found other kitchens with glossy white cabinetry that I felt were more my style.

Photo by Croma Design Inc

Photo by Natasha Habermann Studio

Photo by JAX Builders Ltd.

Photo by Basic Builders, Inc.

Even though the craze for herringbone tile is mostly over, I’m drawn to this herringbone tile every time I walk into Lowe’s.  In person, it’s much more white and grey than the yellow-ish tone it has online.

For counter tops, I’m going with a light to medium grey quartz.  It’ll tie in nicely with the veining in the marble.

a quick “mood board” with the marble herringbone tile, grey quartz counters, and high gloss white cabinetry

Though I’ve had a tough time finding a place to get the counter tops!  Lowe’s and Ikea both have minimum requirements for square footage (25 square feet), and since I don’t meet that requirement (I’m estimating I’ll need about 17 square feet), I have to pay a penalty (to the tune of $250).  Home Depot just has a minimum charge ($1200) regardless of square footage needed, and the price per square foot for their grey-colored counter tops is about $1200 anyway.  I’m still planning on talking to a few stone yards to see if they’re able to help me out.

In the mean time, I’m still meeting with contractors and sub-contractors to satisfy the board’s requirement of me not doing it alone.  Right now, it looks like I won’t be starting on demo and construction until September.


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