{Hannah} Hey Sole Sister

I don’t want to miss a single thing you do–lyrics everyone thinks about me and this blog, right?

I’ve replaced the tips on my high heels, but I had yet to venture into replacing the larger heels and soles on my boots.  After a few slips, and too many click-clacks of the plastic heel, I googled around for how to resole a shoe or boot.  I didn’t find anything too helpful, other than the basic: cut up some rubber and glue it to the bottom.  Sounds simple enough!

I ordered a large sheet of shoe rubber, grabbed the Shoe Goo I already had, and picked up some small nails.  On a pair of ankle boots I had done by a cobbler a few years ago, they put some small nails to hold the rubber, and I thought that could be a useful thing for me as well.

I traced the bottom of the boots onto the back of the rubber with a silver sharpie.

Then I cut the shapes out, and cut the heel part off from the rest.  Yup, some silver got onto the boots, so I colored over it with a black sharpie.

I was squeezing the Shoe Goo bottle so hard, that the bottom of the tube opened up!

It made it easier to get out large amounts of glue, which I spread with my finger (because that was the best tool I could find for the job) onto the bottom of the boot and onto the new rubber sole.

The glue takes up to 48 hours to dry, and without anything holding it in place, I noticed the sole shifting around.  I wrapped most of the boot in yarn to hold the sole in place, but the heel wasn’t as easy to wrap.  Instead, I used the nails to hold it in place.

It seems obvious now that you can’t get nails into a plastic heel, but it didn’t occur to me at the time.  I ended up removing the nails once it had dried.  There was some excess rubber hanging over the edges of the boot, which I removed with a utility knife.

But the important thing is that it worked!  I’ve been wearing these boots for a few weeks, and the new sole has much more traction than worn down rubber.  Also, the boots have a little extra cushion to them.

Last night, I resoled another pair of boots the same way.  Instead of using nails to hold the heel rubber in place, I stood the boots up and put a water bottle inside.  It worked to keep the heel plastic pressed to the new rubber.  Now I just have to be patient for another day before I can wear them!


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