{Home} The Longest Project

When I was moving to New York, I wanted a more collected look for my apartment. I picked out these bentwood back chairs on eBay, and coincidentally was in the city where they were located to pick them up. I brought them home, where I spray painted them red, and replaced and upholstered the seat in a coordinating fabric.

However, the seat circles weren’t perfectly round, so they didn’t fit snugly into the chair, which meant I never attached them together. To solve both issues, I bought some cording at Joann Fabrics (which involved multiple trips to multiple stores).

But some four years later, I finally completed the project! I bought a glue gun from Home Depot (thanks to a friend for the gift card!), which indicated it could be used for fabric and wood.

It took a little finesse to attach the cording, but I got it to stick.

Then, I had to act quickly to glue all the way around and squish the seat cushion to the chair.

I repeated the process on the second chair.

I’ve even already used one chair, and it held up! Technically, this project isn’t over yet, as the seat for the third chair is broken. So I need to cut a new circle and upholster that one before I can use the remaining cording to finally have a complete and matching set of chairs.


{Home} Umm…Yeah…

I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t been writing. Yes, I’m still alive. Yes, I’ve done a few projects. Yes, I can catch you up!

First, some sad news. Remember the phone I worked so hard to connect to the building’s intercom?

Well, it doesn’t work anymore. Not because of me, but because the building joined the 21st century, and got a new intercom that calls your cellphone! It even has a Bluetooth option, so you can unlock the door with your phone!

Now, some exciting news: I’m a trend setter!

Better Homes and Gardens did a piece in their April 2018 issue on using color to influence the feeling of your home, and one of their “Calming Hues” is the same color I used to paint the living room: Silver Satin!

In other news, I’m still hoping to get my kitchen renovated this year, and I submitted my proposal to the co-op last week. Fingers crossed they approve it quickly, and I can get that ball rolling!

{Hannah} Thirty and Flirty and Thriving

I took a break from studying to celebrate my thirtieth birthday this past weekend!

It started with a 90s themed Shabbat dinner at a synagogue where I help with the young adult events. Then on Saturday, my friends and I went to the Spongebob musical and out to dinner.

To wrap the weekend, I ran in the United NYC Half Marathon like I did last year. I didn’t have goals going into the race, but I surprised myself by running two minutes faster than last year!

My next decade is off to a fantastic start–can’t wait to see where it takes me!

PS. Post title from 13 Going on 30, which I watched again this weekend.

{House} I Can See Clearly Now

Even though the rain isn’t gone.

There’s only one set of windows in the living area, and they were very dirty.

No one comes to clean the outside of the windows, which meant it was up to me to clean them. Luckily, I didn’t need any fancy equipment–since the windows are fancy! They’d been replaced at some point, and now they fold into the apartment when you release the clips.

Then I took some window wipes and wiped them down.  I went thru quite a few wipes to get them clean!

Cleaning the top window was a little trickier and required some balancing.  I guess I could’ve researched how to do it before I started, though.

Well, it’s still a little streaky, but it’s much better than it was before!  Note to self for next time: don’t clean windows when it’s dark out.