{Home} To the Back

There’s a built-in shelf in the dining area, which became a random holding spot when I was moving in. It became a little less random as I settled in, but things were never displayed properly (and there was still a catch-all bag).

I wanted to do something to the back of the bookcase, and with all the extra paint I had from my stripes, I decided to use some of those bottles to paint the back!

I cleared everything off and got started. It didn’t take long before I had two coats on the back of the shelves.

Once it was dry, I rearranged the glassware that I had put on the shelves originally. I grabbed some other items I had around my apartment to fill out the rest.

It’s a very subtle difference, but I like it! The bookcase has a glow to it, and it’s not as stark white but still different enough that it’s special. Not to mention, it’s finally nice to look at and organized!


{Home} I Spy with My Little Eye

…some changes to the pictures in my apartment!

I replaced a magazine photo of roses with a sunset from Cayman, and a picture of palm trees in El Salvador with the Eiffel Tower.

In the dressing room, I replaced another magazine photo (this time of fall foliage) with a picture of a canal in Lido.

It only took me a few months to pick and print new pictures! A 40% off photo coupon at Walgreens made the whole thing just $2–and I even printed an extra picture just in case I change my mind.

Update! I had forgotten that I bought an art print in Cayman, so I swapped it with the Cayman sunset.

There’s a lot of blue and green in that area now, but luckily those are my favorite colors!

{Home} Hanging the Picture: Take Two

While I was away in Europe, a mirror and picture had fallen off the wall. The mirror was able to be rehung in the same manner as it was before, but the picture was more difficult. I had used the 3M Command Strips both in my current apartment and my old apartment, but for some reason, the picture wasn’t having any of it this time.

There’s a difference in height between the frame and where the picture is, so there’s a little ledge that I decided to use to hang the picture. (Yes, I really held the picture and backing into the frame with painters tape. The frame was meant to have a specific artwork in it, but the frame size was perfect for the print I wanted to frame, so I carefully cut away the old backing and removed the old art. Hey–whatever works, right?!)

I’ve used pushpins to hang pictures before, so that became the plan of attack this time. I carefully put two into the wall, and made sure they were level. I had to adjust one to be lower, but it was still pretty uncomplicated.

Pushpins go into drywall really easily, but it’s more difficult to put them through plaster. I needed to use a hammer to get them into the wall, and two of them broke as I tried.

But the end of the story is a happy one, as the picture is back up on the wall!

{Home} Framed

Last week marked five months of living in my new place!  It was never my intention of going without pictures on the wall for so long, but it made sense to wait until after the walls were painted before hanging things up.

The first area to get art was over the dining table.

In my last apartment, I did a gallery wall over the dining table, and I was so excited to do it again–though in a slightly smaller version.

First up was laying the frames out on the floor, to get an idea of which frames and pictures look good next to each other.

Then it was time to hang them with my favorite home product: 3M Command Strips.

I might play around with some of the frames and placement, but I’m really happy to finally have some art on the walls!  And bonus points for me because it makes the phone look like a quirky art piece!

{House} Going Incognito

I neglected to show one angle in the dining area in my previous painting post.

Gasp!  The door and frame are the same color as the wall!

Yup! 🙂  In an old issue of Better Homes and Garden, a designer had a lot of doors in her bedroom, which she painted the same color as the walls to minimize their appearance, and allow for more flexible art arrangement (point #7).

I remember thinking it was a great idea (probably even before my apartment was a twinkle in my eye), and given my apartment’s lack of wall space without doors or openings, I was excited to try it out for myself!  I’m loving the way the door and trim look painted the wall color.  Can’t wait to use this same idea in my dressing room–which has three doors!