{Home} It’s Finished

There was a brief moment of good weather on Saturday morning, and I was able to sneek in some spray painting for my earring holder! No, the Cheerio logo wasn’t meant to be part of the final design.

I knew that I’d eventually spray paint something, so I had saved a large piece of cardboard from my mirror and a box from a package that had arrived recently. My building has a courtyard area out back, which seemed like the perfect spot to do some sneaky spray painting.

I lightly sanded the frame, and I used a can of gold spray paint I had bought when I considered spraying the laundry hamper (which I still might do, but not today).

I finished just in time too! While The Weather Channel said it wouldn’t start raining until the afternoon, some drops starting falling right as I was finishing up! I quickly grabbed everything and ran inside, where I left the frame to fully dry on the floor of my apartment.

To hang it, I used some 3M Command Strips. After holding it up to the closet door, I realized that the frame’s original hangers stuck out too far. A few quick turns of a screw driver, and they were gone.

Then I balanced the level, and pushed to secure it to the door!

I’m a little unsure if it’s on there well enough, though. The box strips across the back prevent the 3M strips from making full contact with the door, and things probably aren’t smooth and plumb to begin with. But that didn’t stop me from hanging a few earrings on it!

diy make your own earring holder jewelry display wall hanging door frame picture

I think I’ll fill the rest of the door up with some necklaces and other jewelry!

PS. I updated my post from last week–I had forgotten that I bought an art print when I was in Cayman! I ended up replacing the Cayman sunset picture with the print.


{Home} I Spy with My Little Eye

…some changes to the pictures in my apartment!

I replaced a magazine photo of roses with a sunset from Cayman, and a picture of palm trees in El Salvador with the Eiffel Tower.

In the dressing room, I replaced another magazine photo (this time of fall foliage) with a picture of a canal in Lido.

It only took me a few months to pick and print new pictures! A 40% off photo coupon at Walgreens made the whole thing just $2–and I even printed an extra picture just in case I change my mind.

Update! I had forgotten that I bought an art print in Cayman, so I swapped it with the Cayman sunset.

There’s a lot of blue and green in that area now, but luckily those are my favorite colors!

{Home} The Underdog Wins

Once I had all the pieces for my earring holder, it was time to put it together! I broke out my staple gun and got to work.

First up was deciding which size staples to use. I put the 3/8” in, and tried stapling it into the frame. The staple didn’t go in far enough, so I switched to the 5/16”. And that’s where I ran into my first issue…

Being safe, I had turned off the staple gun before I changed out the staples. However—spoiler alert—I forgot that I turned it off, and thought it had blown the breaker.

I couldn’t get into the breaker box! Some idiot painted over it (oops). I got the box cutter out and scored the paint around the latch and the cover. It took a few minutes to break into the breaker box (ha ha), only to find out that none of the breakers had tripped.

Then I tried an outlet in the kitchen. Stapler still didn’t work! At this point I finally realized that I had turned it off. I turned it back on and gave it a quick test (resulting in a tiny injury that’s too embarrassing to divulge). It worked again! Back to the original outlet and task at hand.

I lined up my cardboard strip with the marks on the frame, and stapled them into place. I had to hammer them in the rest of the way, but it worked pretty well!

I had forgotten how much fun it was to use a staple gun and hammer. I couldn’t resist hanging some earrings on it!

I thought a few strips were a little loose, so I added extra staples to those. Then I wrapped the cardboard strips around to the back, and secured them with another staple. I trimmed off the excess cardboard with a box cutter.

It was rainy and cold this weekend, which isn’t ideal spray painting weather, so that’ll have to wait. Then I’ll be able to hang and use it!

P.S. Special thanks goes out to my neighbors who were either not home or didn’t care that I was making a lot of noise on the weekend. Thanks! 🙂


{Home} Cut, Measure, Cut Again

Once I decided on how to make my earring holder, I had to cut out all the strips and notches. It took a few hours while watching Netflix, and taking multiple breaks to rest my hand and have some snacks.

Then, I needed to figure out how far apart I wanted them spaced on the frame. It took a little bit of coordination to eyeball how far apart the strips should be from each other so my earrings didn’t run into the row below.

I made some marks, measured, made more marks, measured again, and then made marks on the other side.

I counted and only needed eight strips. Some of the notches were too narrow for earring posts, so I spent more time with my trusty pair of scissors to widen them.

They still need to be attached to the frame, and I think my staple gun should do the trick. Hopefully it doesn’t make too much noise that I disturb my neighbors!

{Home} Remaking My Jewelry Storage Situation

Back before I moved to New York, when I lived in a large apartment, I took a scrapbook organizer and made it into a jewelry storage case.

It’s worked pretty well for the past few years, but the longer I’m in New York, the less stuff I want to have. Also, the large storage case made it hard for me to see what jewelry I had as I was getting ready, and it never really found a proper home in my small NYC pads.

My dressing room has two closets: there’s a mirror hanging on one, but the other is empty, and it looked a little lonely. I thought displaying my jewelry on that door would be the perfect way to easily see all my baubles, and it would look pretty, too.

I spent a few hours scouring the internet for ways to organize my earrings, and this organizer gave me inspiration, even though it seemed small and crowded. I spotted a similar one at Bed Bath and Beyond that seemed cheap and flimsy, as did some of the reviews for my inspiration. Well if they can sell one made of flimsy plastic, then I can make one out of flimsy cardboard! And a $5 frame from Goodwill.

I’m not joking–yet another time that not taking out the recycling played in my favor.  I had measured the door and decided a frame about 12 inches wide would look the best, and luckily I was able to find one pretty easily!

I took apart the cereal box, and marked lines every 3/4 inches for the earring support bars.

Then, using a scrap piece of the box, I decided that it looked best when the earring holder slots (technical term) were 1/2 inches apart, and marked those.

I tried it out on one strip, and it worked perfectly!

Now I just have to cut the rest of the strips, and a lot of little slots, before I can finally assemble the frame.