{Home} Little by Little

To paint the stripes in my entry way, I needed a lot of the little bottles of paint. Michael’s finally had them in stock online, and I ordered 39 bottles just to be safe. This also got me over the minimum for free shipping even after I used a 20% off coupon.

However, instead of getting one box with a lot of paint, Michael’s shipped them a few at a time in multiple boxes.

What’s a girl to do with 35 bottles of paint?

Also, it should be mentioned that a few boxes haven’t arrived yet, and six of those bottles are ones I bought in the store. I hope I got enough!


{House} Giving the Tiger Stripes

I’ve known for awhile that I wanted to do something with paint to make the entry way feel special. It’s too narrow to hang art, but it was feeling kinda boring just being solid painted wall. I loved the idea of a stencil, but the space is small, and a stencil could be too busy. Enter: tonal stripes!

I measured the wall from moulding to moulding, which is 96 inches.  I wanted the top and bottom stripes to be the base color.  If I did four tonal stripes, then each stripe is about 10 5/8 inches (96/(4+5) = 10.667).  I cut some painters tape to envision it, but I didn’t like it.

So then I did the same calculation for five tonal stripes, which means each stripe is about 8 3/4 inches (96/(5+6) = 8.72).  I loved the way it looked!

Four tonal stripes are marked on the left, with five tonal stripes on the right.

Ideally, I didn’t want the tonal stripe to be where the arch between the dining area and entryway is, and I didn’t want to have to rehang the mirror.  Luckily, doing five tonal stripes fits this criteria!

Next up was finding a paint.  I had picked up a metallic paint brochure from the paint store when I was looking at paint samples for my apartment, and thought I had found the perfect paint.  I was wrong, so that paint went back to the store (it’s an off-the-shelf color).

I made my way to Michaels craft store and came back with this bounty.

I smeared some on the wall to see how it played with the wall color and lighting.  The first smear is the aforementioned paint that was already returned.

I also paid attention to how shiny the paint was.  I wanted something with a little shine, but not too much.  I believe the walls of my apartment were originally semi-gloss, and given that they aren’t smooth, the shinier the paint, the more the imperfections are called out.

So which did I go with?

Premium Matte Metallic Acrylic Paint By Craft Smart in Pearl! It’s the third one from the left in the paint line up, and the fourth smear from the left on the wall.  I liked the color the best, and I also liked that it had a glow to it, instead of a bright shine.

Yes, it seems a little strange to buy wall paint by the 2 oz bottle, but cost-wise, it’s cheaper per ounce than the larger bottle of metallic paint from the paint store.  Plus, Michaels always has coupons, which reduces the cost even more.

Now I just have to hope Michaels doesn’t think it’s weird that I’m ordering a million bottles of the stuff!

{House} A Small Set Screw Short

The exterior doorknob to my apartment had been missing a screw for at least as long as I’ve been living there. The door still worked, but the knob was loose and twisted more than it should.

It’s a simple fix really–just get a new screw! But finding one of the set screws for it was more challenging than it seemed, as I had to go to numerous hardware stores in order to find a store that carried them and then wait a few days for them to be back in stock. Finally I was able to spend my hard-earned fifty cents on the small brass set screw.

I made sure the knob was in the proper position to turn the latch, and I screwed in the small screw.

Now it works like a charm! The knob is still the same, but it feels like new to me!

{Home} Mirror Mirror on the Wall

When I returned from Europe, I discovered that a picture had fallen off the wall, and the mirror I hung in the entry had broken loose. It was still hanging by one hook (a testament to the strength of 3M Command Strips), but the other hook had broken away from the wall. This left a dent in the top layer of paint and plaster that needed to be repaired.

So I broke out my plaster and paint, and got to work!

First, I removed the loose plaster from the wall, and then used the putty knife to build up the missing plaster.

I let it dry overnight, and then it was ready for a quick coat of paint.

Finally, up went the mirror!

Now I’ll once again be the fairest one of all when I leave my apartment!

However, the picture that fell off the wall wasn’t as easy to put back up, so I’ll need to figure out a Plan B for it. You win some, you lose some.

{House} Stop, Drop, and Roll

Nope, nothing is on fire here, but I did stop, drop, and roll this weekend–with paint!  The entryway and dining area finally got painted!  After months of deliberation, I picked the color I liked the best all along: Benjamin Moore Apparition.  I had been afraid that it would be too dark, but these rooms have overhead light, which makes a big difference.

So I trekked the 7 blocks to the paint store, got two gallons of BM Aura paint in eggshell, and carried them back to my apartment.  Most of my other paint supplies are from the hardware store closeout sale back in December (which includes a roller, roller extender, roller cover in a thick nap, and a paint tray (sorry I forgot to take a picture before I got started–I was just too excited!)).  My cutting in brush was the same one I used on my door.

I had to stop to move the furniture into the living area, and then it was time to get started!

There was one last cord to nowhere that I removed before painting.  It’s the one on the right that goes over the door and down the side and was easily removed.

Cutting in took almost four hours!  The drop cloth ensured that I kept my floors mostly clean from stray paint, and the plastic sheet had quite a bit of paint on it by the end.

Then it was time to roll, which went much quicker!

The whole process was repeated the next day for the second coat.

And dragging my furniture back in was the best part!

benjamin moore 860 apparition gold brass sputnik red teal aqua turquoise

I was afraid that the color would be too dark, but it’s not dark at all.  A little moody and velvety smooth.  Also, the many imperfections on the walls aren’t as noticeable now that the walls are in a flatter finish (I think they were semigloss before).  It’s definitely warmed the space up, and made it feel more welcoming!

PS.  Thanks to my brother for the great post title!