{Home} Color Conundrum

I can pick out the exact shade of my favorite color in two seconds flat, but picking a color for my walls has me stuck.  I read and bookmarked this post a few years ago, which suggested painting your rooms in shades of the same color.  I loved the idea then and couldn’t wait to try it out now!  I hope this color arrangement will add some more definition to what is ultimately one open space.

I picked out some paint strips in light neutral colors, and was able to narrow it down to one set, which is basically a long strip cut in half (see how the numbers are continuous?).


Yes, technically these strips aren’t shades of the same color but slightly different colors that get progressively darker, but I think the idea still holds.

I was stuck on which lighter shade to use for the living room, and which darker shade to use for the entry way, dining area, and dressing room.  Luckily it’s pretty easy to get samples made.  I actually went back to get an additional sample since I still couldn’t make up my mind!

I ended up with three samples painted on the living room wall (left) and three on the dining room wall (right).


The paint is from Benjamin Moore, and the colors for the living room are 856, 857, and 858, and for the other rooms are 858, 860, and 861 (listed in order as they appear on the wall).

There isn’t much light in my apartment, and the past few days have been cloudy, so it was hard to get a good picture of the samples.  Though I can tell you that the color appears very different depending on which wall the sample is on!  Right now, I think I’m leaning towards the lightest for the living room (856), and the lightest or middle for the other rooms (858 or 860).

I think I just need someone to come over and make the decision for me!  Any takers?  I’ll bake cookies or brownies! 😉

{Home} Making a Mark

Paint is an easy way to make a mark on your space and turn it into your own.  I knew one of the first painting projects I wanted to tackle was painting the inside of the front door my favorite color: aqua.  I stopped by Benjamin Moore to pick up some paint samples, and fell in love with their color Burbank Blue.  I got a quart in high-gloss, and used about half on the door.


I also picked up some painting supplies at Lowe’s.  First painting project means I needed to get all the basics, including a brush and roller.


One thing I did have on hand was painter’s tape.  I taped around the door to protect the frame, locks, and knobs.  (And yes, that’s my mezuzah hanging to the left of the door.)


One coat down!  And it’s already made such a difference in the space.


The second coat went on even easier and needed less paint than the first.  Then it was just a matter of removing the tape and letting it dry.  It’s hard to get a good picture in the small room, but I tried.

bm benjamin moore paint high gloss aqua teal burbank blue front door  bm benjamin moore paint high gloss aqua teal burbank blue front door

Such a small change, but I love it!