{House} Touch Up

After I finished all the stripes, I noticed a few spots that needed fixing. Some of the pencil marks I had made were still visible, and I had overshot the tape in other spots, leaving shiny paint outside the lines.

I used a wet rag to remove the pencil marks, and marked with tape where the extraneous paint was.

I broke out the can of wall paint again, and feathered it over the visible spots.

Finally, it was time to move my stuff back!

All fancy and welcoming.

I think it looks kind of like a present.  Happy new year to me!

Edit: My mom wanted to see the before and after, so here’s a picture from when I moved in.  Sooo boring.  I love how much personality this tiny space has now!


{House} Fully Striped

I finally finished the stripes! After all the preparations, it was time to use my abundance of two ounce paint bottles. As it turns out, I only used four bottles on the first coat for the stripes.

diy paint tonal metallic stripes entry way hallway taupe beige

The second coat went a little easier. Plus, I switched from a brush to a roller. The roller left fewer visible strokes in the metallic paint, but I learned to roll down so the roller marks weren’t visible either.

diy paint tonal metallic stripes entry way hallway taupe beige

Then I peeled up the tape, and voila!

diy paint tonal metallic stripes entry way hallway taupe beige

The room looks so different without the blue tape everywhere! I freaked out for a quick second that I had painted the wrong stripes next to the door because of the way the light hits the metallic paint. In the picture below, the light colored stripes on the long wall on the left are the wall color, while the darker stripes are the metallic stripes, but on the sliver of wall next to the door, it’s the opposite!

diy paint tonal metallic stripes entry way hallway taupe beige

The subtle tonal stripes are so fun! I only used eight bottles of paint, which leaves me plenty of paint left to do something else. Worst case scenario, I’ll have a very awkward exchange with a Michael’s worker.

{House} The Final Preparations

Since all the stripes were finally marked, it was time to finish the preparations.

First up was patching the small hole where the coaxial cable comes into my apartment.  I believe this red colored residue is brick dust.

It was easily cleaned up with a cloth, and then the hole was patched with some plaster.

A little paint, and the hole was gone! Luckily the little bit of red that’s left isn’t visible from the ground.

I had made some small paint samples in three spots on the wall, so I painted over those as well.

Last up was painting over the edge of the tape to seal it.  This ensures that the stripe color won’t leak under the tape, so I’ll end up with crisp stripes.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed painting! Can’t wait to finally slather on the metallic paint and complete these stripes!

{House} The Last Stripe

It took a few days, but I finally finished taping the stripes on the last wall. I measured down from the top stripe, made a level line, added tape, then measured again.

Basically the same process I did on the other wall.

A whole wall of stripes!

And yes, I had to put the mirror back up, because apparently I couldn’t deal without a last minute primp as I leave the apartment. Now onto the paint!

{House} A Stripe Above the Rest

It was time to tackle the most challenge step yet in my striping adventure: making a level top stripe across the other three walls. I couldn’t use the ceiling, since that’s not level, which meant I had to use the level to make my new lines.

I started with the line over the door, since that would be the most visible from the interior of the apartment.  It took a few tries to get a tape line that was pretty level and looked ok with the door and ceiling.

Then I moved to the wall on the right.  I had to use the level three times across the wall, but I came out with a tape line that looks pretty good!

The last step was to join the two tape lines together.  I was so nervous that I would’ve gotten so far off and have to start over.

I didn’t use the level much here–just took a long piece of tape and joined the two tape lines.

In the end, I was only off by about 1/16 of an inch!  Good enough for me!  Now to work on the rest of the stripes on the right wall.  Should be quicker since I can measure down from the top line.