Happy New Year!

The new year means new resolutions and goals. This year, the blog will slow as I take an exam for work in the spring, but then will be very exciting as I remodel my kitchen in the summer!

Yup! Big big project with lots to learn, do, and buy.

I’m so excited for what this year will bring!


{House} Rotten Tomato

I was relaxing in bed on Saturday morning, when I heard a crash outside my window. I looked over and didn’t see anything amiss, so I chalked it up to someone outside making noise. A few hours later I got up to get more water, and glanced out the kitchen window.

“Wow, I can’t even see the screen,” I remarked to myself. A second later I did a double take and realized the screen was missing! I closed the window since it’s November, and I don’t need the window open anyway.

I walked out the basement in search of the screen, and found it on the ground a few stories below the kitchen window. I picked it up and it was bent.

The super was outside as well, and he suggested putting some screws to prevent it from falling out. Of course, he meant a new one, because this one is broken. I guess add a new screen to the list for next year!

{House} Silver Screen

Like most NYC apartments, mine does not have central air conditioning. However, unlike many New Yorkers, I don’t “need” AC, so I’ve yet to use a window unit. But there was already a window unit in my kitchen when I moved in.

I was content to leave it and figured it would be removed when I redo the kitchen. But then a friend was looking for another unit for his apartment, so I volunteered mine.

There were a few metal bars and screws to take off before the unit would come free from the window.

And that’s how the window sat for a few weeks. But the more windows that are open, the more air circulation in the apartment. I wanted to get one of the original screens, but I couldn’t find the company or it was too expensive to have one custom made. Instead, I got one of these expandable screens for $20 just as the store was closing.

It took a few minutes to position it properly in the window, but it fits perfectly!

Now I get extra air and no bugs. A win-win in my book!

{House} What Wood You Do?

I have a pretty sweet deal at my company: working from home.  Basically however often I want, too.  Most of us spend Fridays working from home, and that’s what I was doing one day when I heard a lot of commotion down the hall.

I went to look, and noticed a huge cart full of bundles of hardwood floor.  More or less the same floor I have in my apartment!  The floors had been completely removed from the apartment.  (This makes me sad, because it is perfectly good flooring!  As my mom likes to say, “they don’t make things like they used to.”)

I asked the men what was happening with it, and it was all going to the garbage!  So sad!  I asked if I could take some, and they carried a few bundles to my door.

My apartment already has wood floor, so what do I need with more?  Well, let’s talk about the kitchen floor.

That picture is from the tiny closet near the stove.  The original wood floor is visible under the red tiles (interior of the closet), but it looks to be in poor condition (or at the very least, in need of a serious refinishing job).  The rest of the kitchen has the peach tiles below.

I believe these are the second layer of tiles on top of the original wood floor.  The threshold between the kitchen and dining area is kinda wonky as well.  In my grand kitchen renovation plans, I’m hoping to refinish the original wood floor underneath the tiles.  But given its possible condition, having wood floor that was installed in another apartment at the same time as my wood floor was installed in my apartment is huge!  And it was free too!

As I was looking at the bundles, I had to walk the fine line between having just enough and not having enough.  The good news is that I only really need to do half of the kitchen area, since what’s under the cabinets isn’t important.  The bad news is that I have to find a place in my small apartment to store it for a year until the kitchen gets renovated.

{Home} A Step in the Right Direction

The kitchen sink cabinet is much larger than the sink cabinet in my last apartment.  During the move and unpacking, it kind of became a catchall for random kitchen stuff, which would promptly fall out anytime the cabinet was opened.


I knew I needed some sort of shelves and drawers to make it a little more organized and useful.  Enter this cabinet organizer from Target.

img_7241When it arrived I couldn’t wait to put it together!  There were some basic instructions, but it wasn’t any harder to assemble than Ikea furniture.


Then it was time to put it into the cabinet and make things slightly more organized.


Martha Stewart would probably still scoff at it, but I’ll take any small victory I can get!