{Home} The Underdog Wins

Once I had all the pieces for my earring holder, it was time to put it together! I broke out my staple gun and got to work.

First up was deciding which size staples to use. I put the 3/8” in, and tried stapling it into the frame. The staple didn’t go in far enough, so I switched to the 5/16”. And that’s where I ran into my first issue…

Being safe, I had turned off the staple gun before I changed out the staples. However—spoiler alert—I forgot that I turned it off, and thought it had blown the breaker.

I couldn’t get into the breaker box! Some idiot painted over it (oops). I got the box cutter out and scored the paint around the latch and the cover. It took a few minutes to break into the breaker box (ha ha), only to find out that none of the breakers had tripped.

Then I tried an outlet in the kitchen. Stapler still didn’t work! At this point I finally realized that I had turned it off. I turned it back on and gave it a quick test (resulting in a tiny injury that’s too embarrassing to divulge). It worked again! Back to the original outlet and task at hand.

I lined up my cardboard strip with the marks on the frame, and stapled them into place. I had to hammer them in the rest of the way, but it worked pretty well!

I had forgotten how much fun it was to use a staple gun and hammer. I couldn’t resist hanging some earrings on it!

I thought a few strips were a little loose, so I added extra staples to those. Then I wrapped the cardboard strips around to the back, and secured them with another staple. I trimmed off the excess cardboard with a box cutter.

It was rainy and cold this weekend, which isn’t ideal spray painting weather, so that’ll have to wait. Then I’ll be able to hang and use it!

P.S. Special thanks goes out to my neighbors who were either not home or didn’t care that I was making a lot of noise on the weekend. Thanks! 🙂