The List

There are numerous tasks ahead of me as I renovate my apartment and make it into my home.  Here’s what’s to come!

Entry Way


Dining Area


  • Install new light fixture
  • Paint walls and moulding
  • Hang some artwork
  • Accent shelf nook with contrasting color
  • Update the closet


img_7180 img_7179

  • Paint walls and moulding
  • Open the kitchen to dining area
  • Update electrical
  • Get new appliances
  • Install new cabinets
  • Replace countertop
  • Add a backsplash
  • Change the floor (either refinish the wood underneath or install tile)
  • Add some artwork

Living Area

img_7229 img_7230

  • Paint walls
  • Add curtain rod and curtains
  • Remove fire escape gate and other unnecessary window add-ons
  • Fix and paint ceiling and crown moulding
  • Add overhead light
  • Update electrical
  • Hide cable wires
  • Refinish dresser
  • Hang pictures

Dressing Room

img_7231 img_7232

  • Paint and stencil walls
  • Reorganize the closets so storage is more efficient
  • Find a large mirror
  • Install a light fixture
  • Add some artwork



  • Paint the walls and ceiling
  • New tile floor
  • Replace wall tile
  • Reglaze the bath tub
  • Get new shower curtain rod
  • Update vanity
  • New medicine cabinet